IE slow response to



Can anyone verify or explain this behaviour?

In each case all browsers cache is cleared and reset each time. tested 4 times and I get the same results every time.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise. location: UK

This only occurs with and subsequently all my sites. Other web sites google etc are fine.

I use 4 different browsers to test. Here are the results timed in minutes from blank page to showing web page. As I said I ran test 4 times.
IE is showing, yes 4 minutes. WHY???

IE11 4:02.93 minutes
FF 0:01:65 minutes
Chrome: 0:04.45 minutes
Safari: 0:02.66 minutes

thanks for any suggestions.


that is strange. Seems that the issue is clearly limited to IE. I stopped using that stuff in 1996… Have you already excluded things like virus or some other reason for IE being broken like spyware, toolbarware and other junk that used to accumulate on it?