IE Problems

Nothing shows in IE but it works fine in Firefox. It’s xhtml valid. Even my CSS is valid.

I’m guessing the fact it’s XHTML is throwing IE off. But I’m not sure. Does anyone have any ideas?

Ok, first off IE can’t handle transparent PNG files. You can change them over to gif files, and then IE can handle them. Or you can call in the PNG files through your CSS files, as below - just define it in a class like you’re allready calling.

The !important tage will only renger in complient browsers - not IE, so it ignoers it and goes on to the seconed line.

I think what’s happening here is that IE comes along to thses transparent png files, doesn’t know how to handle them, and just dies. Instead of trying to render the rest of hte page, or give an error, it just dies. that is so helpful…

Anyways - does this fix your problem?


Got it working.
Seems IE can cope with an included script tag ending.
I had

so I used

Stupid IE. Now I’ve got to work around it’s css problems.

I have been thinking about this and the validator should be in the wrong. From what I have read all xhtml files are suppose to have a matching ending tag.


Empty elements must have an end tag or a terminated start tag. Non-empty elements must have an end tag.[code]

Non-empty with both start and end tags. The following two elements are “EMPTY”

[/code] In XHTML Strict, script elements are not empty. Thus an end tag is required.

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