Idividual File Stats?


Hey gang… with my previous web host, i could see the number of requests for any file in particular on my site. I’d like to be able to see how many downloads per week my podcast receives… but now i cant see that data… am i just missing it somewhere on the ‘stats’ page?


The default analog stats package will tell you this information.

In the panel go to Status -> Statistics, click on the domain you are interested in and the log-in dialog for analog will be displayed.

After logging in, scroll to the bottom of the stats page to see the ‘Request Report’, this shows individual file requests.

Of-course, you can install other stats packages on your domain if you wish. The DreamHost wiki contains more info on this.


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Alright… i see the request stats on both the daily and monthly view… but not on the ‘long-term’ stats view. So I can only see the number of requests for my files one month at a time?

PS> Comforting to see your ‘savemoney’ promo code on your signature AFTER i sign up for service… DOAH!


Unfortunately it would appear so.

In my opinion, the Analog stats package is rather limited in some respects and there are better packages out there.

Of-course, you can install another stats package for your domain, I believe AWStats is quite popular. There are instructions in the wiki for installing this package.

Arh well, these things happen. At least DreamHost prices, even without a promo-code, are very competitive and good value.


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