Identical sites on 2 accounts but the VPS site is so slow!

I have one site on dreamhost, regular shared hosting and it is reading the cache and loading just fine, well under 1 second. The identical site on a dreamhost VPS has a 4-5 second page load time every single time. Literally identical sites, VPS is suuuuper slow.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this issue?

(also tested on Ramnode & Bluehost VPS with no speed issues, just DH VPS)

Hello Ida,

I am sorry to hear about that! I would suggest submitting a support request from your DreamHost panel and having one of our techs take a look at the back end. You can also request for your site to be migrated to a new VPS.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out!


I will do that. Thank you!

awesome, y’all fixed the issue instantly. Thank you!

Glad to hear it got sorted out! Please be sure to let us know, or reply back to our support team if you need more help.

Matt C

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