Iconv support?

I just installed joomla, and was playing around with some rss plugins, and was having a little trouble. I emailed the author and he said that if I’m using non-english feeds to check if iconv support is turned on. How can I go about checking that? And if it is not turned on, is there a way to do it?

A quick google search showed that this is a php function. I then looked at the phpinfo pages provided by a freindly DH customer. It would apprear that php5 has support for this, but php4 does not.

You can check which version of php you’re using in the Panel > Manage Domains > edit. You should make sure any php scripts on your site are compatable with php5 before upgrading.

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Ok! Looks like that did the trick! Looked at the php info and it says iconv is enabled now.