Icon CGI programming

I have a potential client who needs to move a popular application to a new web server. It is written in Icon programming language. I found there is a compiler available for Debian:


I thought of offering to port it to another language, but the individual has written a book advocating the use of Icon programming in the humanities, so looks like that is not an option.

Can a user compile their own programming languages on Dreamhost? Does that require a private server? Who do you ask? I don’t see anything pertinent in the Wiki nor here, but searching on “icon” sure brings up a lot of extraneous hits.



For what it’s worth, I have never heard of the Icon programming language before. I get the sense it’s kind of niche-y. Personally, I’d be inclined to start rewriting, but I know how some people can be about their pet languages…

As long as the web scripts are running through something standard like CGI or FastCGI, it shouldn’t be too difficult to build the interpreter (or compiler?) on the web server. You’ll be on your own if it doesn’t work, though!

I was able to build it from source myself:

Building Version 9.4 of Icon from Source

The short of it is…

$ mkdir src $ cd src $ wget http://www.cs.arizona.edu/icon/ftp/packages/unix/icon.v943src.tgz $ tar -xzf icon.v943src.tgz $ cd icon.v943src $ make Configure name=linux $ make $ make Test $ make Install dest=~/icon $ make Clean
And then your path to the icon binaries will be:

Though if you already have a /home/username/bin directory in your PATH you can use a symbolic link:
ln -s /home/username/icon/bin/icont /home/username/bin/icont
ln -s /home/username/icon/bin/iconx /home/username/bin/iconx

Well I just compiled Icon on a shared server…

If you notice it is usually stuff that is popular that gets written up. So we got instructions on compiling PHP and a few other things but this is first I’ve heard of Icon myself.

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