Icecast2 & startup

Well… I successfully installed & Configured Icecast2 a couple of weeks ago and have been running some tests and all is well. Running 100 concurrent users has little if any impact on memory and a tiny increase on CPU but well within my resource contraints. I’m still having something consuming a lot of memory after aboput 4 or 5 days of the server being up but this as before I migrated to a VPS and a reboot fixes it for a week or so. My webwebpages are a mix of static and a little wordpress but traffic is very very low.

Anwyay back to the question… I’d like to add it to start with the server but I tried editing rc.local and inet.d but both fail. What’s the best way of adding the start command for icecast2 to my VPS? It does need an admin password but I assume that won’t be needed when the server starts.

cron is where I would go. There are 8 special strings that can be used with cron

that is also available when using the dreamhost panel to configure cron.

Thanks for that. I just went to add this but my “admin” user doesn’t appear in the cron user list in the web panel though which is needed to start icecast2.

Any ideas?



Log in with your root user and create the crontab manually.

I still can’t get icecast to start up when then server is rebooted. My crontab looks like this:

@reboot sudo /home/icecast_stream/icecast2/icecast2.inet.d start
59 23 * * 0 /home/icecast_stream/icecast2/

The logrotator seems to work OK each Sunday midnight . DO I need to add the password that’s required to start icecast?

“sudo” cannot be used in a cron job, as it requires you to type in your password. If you need to run a command as root on reboot, put it in root’s crontab (“sudo crontab -e”).

Thanks Andrew, It worked! Andy
PS. I still included the sudo at the beginning ie @reboot sudo /home/icecast_stream/icecast2/icecast2.inet.d start. Not sure if that was still necessary but it worked.