ICANN verification


I registered a domain like 3-4 days ago. I wanted to have my whois info private and received a mail from ICANN for verification. Clicked it all good.

It has been more than 48 hours and my domain is still not up.

I’m still getting

I recently registered another domain from enom and I did not have this issue, and yes my whois info is also private over there too.

So here comes my question.

Should I wait more for this ? Or should I just transfer my domain out ?


Or you could open a ticket with dreamhost suppport do they could fix the problem.

I already asked chat support about this issue. They said they can’t do anything about it. Will it make a difference if I post a ticket?

Are you not using dreamhosts nameservers with the domain? In that case I doubt they can do much.

I signed up for a new account and domain name with Dreamhost 45 minutes ago and my brand new website is already suspended for 24-48 hours by ICANN. No buffer time whatsoever to get that verification done there before shutting me down. Was looking forward to getting this new site set up this weekend. Might not be the case anymore.