I0.wp.com appended to image links

Hi there,

I’m an ashamedly not-very-active blogger at www.adamlasnik.net, and when checking out my homepage today, I noticed a broken image.

Specifically, “i0.wp.com/” has been appended to the URL.

I updated plugins and my (thesis) skin, searched the interwebs for others possibly experiencing this same thing, and also disabled “photon” in Jetpack, thinking that could be responsible… but have still come up empty.

Thanks in advance for any other troubleshooting suggestions!

I don’t see the link as broken… i see it as a working smiley =] And the google+ link right before it works for me =]


Yeah. Now I’m both puzzled and embarrassed. While it appears that that host is NOW appropriately serving images, it’s unclear WHY my image URLs are being rewritten.

Sorry for the false alarm… but if anyone has insights into what was / is going on, that’d still be super!

(along with an understanding of why I didn’t get email notifications for this thread, despite turning them on. Ah, technology!)

Anyway, thank you, LakeRat and keyplyr! Appreciate the quick replies.;

How did you create the image link? As with most things there a multiple ways to get things done.

I used drag and drop, dragging the smiley from your blog into a post on my test WP install and posted, the resulting smiley had the exact same i0.wp.com address. I also typed the two characters :slight_smile: and discovered that it was replaced with the same smiley located at mydomain.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

It looks like you might have recently moved your blog to dreamhost, (when I first checked DNS Beijing and Bangkok DNS servers didn’t have current info). If that’s the case was your blog originally hosted at wp.com? and then you moved a backup to dreamhost?

That could explain it, but since there are multiple ways to do literally everything, that just one guess.
as you can see… the forum software also converted the two characters : and ) into a smiley.

You’re using Jetpack (the plugin). That sounds like something photon does. :slight_smile: Go into The admin dashboard, click on jetpack. Find photon listed in the boxes, click on “Learn More” and the button next to that will change to “Deactivate.” Click that :slight_smile:

OP said he disabled photon. Shouldn’t that deactivate it?

Does he also have the image gallery thing? Blanking on what it’s called… Jetpack is not the best about actually turning OFF everything. (Something I’ve been working with them about)

Well, as noted, images returned to normal about 8 hours after turning off the photon thing. As for an image gallery… I don’t believe I ever activated that.

What’s disconcerting, though, is that my images are still being hosted on that other domain :.

It’s possible wp-super-cache was holding on to the old URLs for the images.

But do you mean you can still access them on wp.com? That cache should go away soon as well. If not, ping them here: http://jetpack.me/contact-support/

That shouldn’t stick around forever.

Ah, I think I see what happened.
When de-activating Photon, WP will then not change :slight_smile: into smilies for pages created afterwards.
Pages (and perhaps posts) previously made while Photo was on still will link to wp.com (despite me never hosting my blog there).

Anyway, thanks again everyone for your help!

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The … what now? Smilies aren’t related to photon…?

True, but it SHOULD go away! I mean, that’s a crap behavior if that doesn’t go away, so you should ping Jetpack about it. (I don’t use Photon)