I wrecked MySQL some how


Hey guys, I added a new database today and restored it from a backup (through PHPMyAdmin) because I’m planning on migrating a site over from a different host. I also added a new hostname, but I realized I didn’t need it (or so I thought) and just ended up deleting it.

But now, the original wordpress install I had doesn’t work. I made absolutely no changes to the original database nor did I change anything with the wordpress install. I simply added the new database, created a new folder in the root of my Dreamhost FTP and uploaded a fresh copy of Wordpress to the new folder. Now I get this error on the original site:


So I’m not sure where things went wrong, but any ideas you guys have would be really awesome right now. Let me know if any of this is unclear. Thanks in advance


Well obviously the first install will have a configuration file storing the hostname, username and password for the database. Look that up and see if you can log into PHPMyAdmin again using that information.

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I knew it would be something dumb. Forgot to update wp-config after I changed the password earlier. Thanks Atropos