I would like to use phpBB3 email functions




I am not sending this through the control panel because it does not fit into a specific category.

I have now installed phpBB3 on one of my DreamHost accounts. This account is a racquet sports network with 350 members many of who have paid for their memberships.


One of the core services provided by this network is communications. In other words, people join because they want to access information – via email and via the website – regarding racquet sports in Calgary.

Many of these members work for large oil companies in downtown Calgary that restrict Internet browsing during business hours. Therefore they PREFER to get their information in summary form via email with the option of going to the website for further details.

Under DreamHost’s current anti-spam policies, my users need to sign up multiple times in multiple locations in order to get the information they want by email

For example, a new user who joins the network and then joins the tennis club, the squash club and the badminton club must sign up individually for –

  1. The network (via phpBB3)
  2. The tennis annoucements list
  3. The squash announcements list
  4. The badminton annoucements list

If they then join a Box League, they must also sign up for the Box League Reminder List.

And so on.

Frankly, this is asking too much. Users hate spam, but they also hate having to subscribe/unsubscribe over and over again.

Many users complain that they already have too many accounts and passwords to keep track of.

As a communications service provider, this is feedback that I have to respond to sensitively.

As the Executive Director of the network, it is my job to make things as simple and as convenient for network members as is reasonably possible.

So here is what I am wondering…

Since phpBB3 now allows registered users to control email flows through their User Control Panel AND since my members must specifically subscribe to my services in the first place, can I apply to have the 100 email limit increased for this account?

REMEMBER – phpBB3 allows users to subscribe and unsubcribe directly through their User Control Panels. People who don’t want to receive email have the ability to say no.


I’m not DreamHost, but you could submit this to abuse@dreamhost.com to see what they say.

My take is that if you set PHPBB to verify users via email, and that users need to opt in to receive messages, then you’re in the clear, but you have to prove that the above is set up.

Again, DreamHost has the final say, so you’ll have to hear it from them.



phpbb3 sends emails in packets, the default is 50 emails. I am not sure on the timing though. It may send 50 then another 50 or it could be 50 per hour but I don’t think so. I am able to send out a small number of mass emails like 10 or 20 emails, but selecting all addresses generates an error message.

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