I would like my blog to be the opening page

A recent poster here wants to do the opposite … but this stimulates me to ask.

I have a WordPress blog on http://www.thousandsketches.com/blog I have some other stuff on http://www.thousandsketches.com that I can remove.

I could move the blog, but I am worried that the many links will mess up. Some of the links are to inages in http://www.thousandsketches.com/sketches

Any ideas?


so long as you leave the images where they are the links should remain valid. If you move from /blog to the main directory just leave the sketches folder where it is and it won’t interfere with wordress.

Leave the original bog in place till you are happy with everything.

I would also suggest making sure the link structure is the same in both and you should be able to set up a redirect from the old directory to the new site using htaccess

The problem would be if you were moving to another domain and for some reason closing down thousandsketches.com

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I am quite new to hosting issue though I can think of two possible solutions.

  1. Copy all your files and subdirectories EXCEPT the blog subdirectory FROM the /www.thousandsketches.com/ to /www.thousandsketches.com/blog and than set your web directory to /www.thousandsketches.com/host in your control panel->Manage Domain->Edit www.thousandsketches.com.

  2. Write a empty frame which load www.thousandsketches.com/blog/index.php

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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