I wish

I wish I would have checked this forum before signing up with Google Checkout. No account and no reply to my support ticket.

Why don’t they reply and tell you that it will take some time? Because this not saying a word is bad customer service.

I’d just like to hear something good about Google Checkout sometime. Like if someone has used it and had their account set up within 24 hours. But you’re still better off using some other method. Non-US users can’t use PayPal?


I used Google Checkout - I signed up at 12:06 and my account was activated at 12:21 (the same day!) I am based in the UK.


That’s encouraging. There must be something flagging some GC purchases, and it may take Sales to intervene. Being the weekend, I don’t think Sales has much, if any, staffing, so it may take until Monday for resolution. But there’s always the contact form.


Thank you, I send a message with that form, google checkout and the support help desk and no reply.

I’m in the U.S.

Did you tag it as a Sales issue? I believe that the Support help desk is more like tech support for existing accounts.


What country are you from ?

My experience for my client is usually taken to mostly two weeks.

But I think you can login to your panel and file a support ticket asking for activation.

Hope this helps…


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Is that a question, Scottt? I don’t think anyone can use PayPal to sign up for a new account, just make ongoing payments to an already active account.

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Yep, that was a question. I remember from the past that PayPal customers weren’t entitled to the 97 day money back guarantee. And the wiki article on signups mentions PayPal as an option.


I seem to recall someone here saying that they weren’t allowed to sign up via paypal but would be allowed to make ongoing payments through it.

I think we’ve also seen that PayPal for signups is limited to a few countries.

You’d remember better than me, though Scott.

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I was unable use PayPal last year for signup.

Had to CC in then switch payment method in Panel for future payments.

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