I want to set up special FTP Folders

My site is about to launch a file sharing service for a game that is about to be released with a lot of modding potential. I decided to keep the upload size low, to reduce memory usage, and try to set up some special FTP accounts for people who want to upload big projects. My hope is to be able to create a single folder on a subdomain, and restrict the user to only have access and viewing privileges within that single folder. Is this possible?

Hah, minutes after asking, I found the answer:

Ok, so I can do what I wanted to do, which is excellent. I just have one more snag: My admin account is even restricted from viewing the content of the test user’s domain, which is a problem if I want to moderate what the person has uploaded. Is there any way to make a moderator-type account that can access that folder?

FTP really won’t work, as an FTP user is sandboxed in only their own home directory. But SFTP will let you do this:

Your master user will have a home directory and subdirectories for those users. Each user will belong to their own group. In that group will also be the master user. Each subdirectory is given group read and write for the target group. You can then make everything readable by everybody if you’d like them to be able to look around.

Personally, I use PHP File Navigator
I believe it allows for similar ownerships and privileges, plus it’s web-based.


Thank you! That looks like it may solve my problem :slight_smile:

I’m looking to avoid any web-based uploading for the bigger files, because if too many people try to upload at once it would overload my PS’s memory limit, and I don’t want to let it get too high, as I’m kind of on a budget, but I can tell people to use Filezilla or something and have them upload that way.

I’ll post here again if I have any trouble. Thanks again!

Maybe someone with a PS account can chime in, but how does a large web-based file upload overload your PS Memory Limit? And how large of a file are you talking about?


I’ve been told that any time a file is uploaded via php script it has to be built in the system’s memory before being saved to its final location. I guess javascript can stream it to the folder, but php can’t.

The game I am running a site for is called Torchlight, and the developers are releasing their own development tools to allow for nearly completely open modding, which could mean that the potential file size for a single mod that a player makes could be anywhere from 1kb to several gigs (for the really comprehensive total conversion mods).

Small files, even as big as a couple megs shouldn’t be much of a problem, so long as not everyone is uploading all at once, but the big files could overload my memory limit, and I don’t want to pay a lot more each month to maintain that, so I decided to do some special ftp accounts for direct uploading for those people who want to do the huge projects like that.

Does that make sense?