I want to reinstall Wordpress on the webserver

I am having blog at http://www.techkumar.com/ that had some errors in the feed and i could not solve the issue, i have posted about this issue in this forum here http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_programming&Number=119713&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1 , but i seems like it cannot be solved. So i decided to reinstall my whole Wordpress blog on the server, i am a newbie, i dont know much about Wordpress, i am worried about losing the posts that are already published, so please guide me to reinstall the Wordpress without losing the posts and images that are used in blog posts.

Do a full backup of your database through the phpmyadmin interface. Then do a full backup of your wordpress installation.

Then follow the instructions on the wordpress website to install.

If you screw up… no big deal! You have a backup.

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Thanks for your reply, I made backup of Upload folder and noted down the plugins that I previously used, then deleted the whole blog on the server and installed new blog at the same location. I did not backup Database but used the same Database with new Wordpress blog. It worked perfect and now my blog is live.


Sounds like you got it fixed up.

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