I want to purchase another package


Hi i want to purchase another hosting package of dreamhost. just wondering if dreamhost will give me unique ip address if i purchase another package other than my older ip.



you mean a level 1 package ?

If it’s a package with unique ip you will get another one.

otherwise you can just order another unique ip address, you don’t need a second “package”

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But is it possible if i order another package all the website i will add there will be different from ip of the older ?


Control Panel -> Billing -> Add an Account is where you could add another account if you wanted to.

You cannot control what IP address your website will be served from (it may be the same as your other website(s), or it may not) unless you request (and pay for) a “unique IP address”.

If you are only concerned about keeping different IP addresses for two websites, you only need one “unique IP address” (since it will be unique, the other website’s IP address will be different :wink: ).

As moua pointed out, you can host as many websites/domains as you want from a single account; you do not need to have a separate account to do this or to have the websites on different IP addresses.



You should also note that domains and subdomains that you add to the hosting on your existing account sometimes gets assigned a different IP address from the one you originally got.

If for some reason your site has been assigned to an IP address which is blocked in your country, you should try submitting a support ticket asking for a different IP address or perhaps a server move.

If you do get another account, remember that you can’t move domains already hosted at DreamHost to an account that has a promo code benefit or that has been referred. This is to keep people from rotating their sites between promotional accounts.

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