I want my mirrored site to be the real site


Because of access issues, I created a new .com domain to begin building a wordpress site. I have a .ca domain name pointing to dreamhost servers so that the new site appears when the .ca url is entered.

But what I really want is to have a straight up .ca site with no mirroring.

What steps do I need to take to remove the mirroring (of the .com files), and set up the .ca site, without breaking anything.

(In a nutshell: .com domain hosted at dreamhost, .ca domain name have name servers pointing to dreamhost. Dreamhost .com has the wordpress installation that I really want to be the .ca address so I can remove the mirroring)

Thanks for any help.


You host the .ca domain and set the dir where the .com site is as the document root. Then turn off/change the hosting for the .com site, depending on what you want to do. You’ll likely then have a dir titled domain.com which is the document root of domain.ca. If you don’t like that, then change the name of the dir before/after you make the switch and update the panel to use the newly named dir.


Thanks, bobocat. It ended up that wordpress was installed under the .ca domain (database copied, wp-content copied etc.) and the .com domain has been deleted. It was a bumpy solution, but all has been resolved. I appreciate your help.