I want C program on following question

A pair of helical gears are to transmit 15 kW. The teeth are 20 degrees stub in diametrical plane and have a helix angel of 45 degrees. Pinion runs at 10,000r.p.m and has 80mm pitch diameter. The gear has 320 mm pitch diameter. If the gears are made of cast steel hving allowable static strength 100MPa;determine a suitable module and face width from static strength considerations, given sigma es=618MPa.

Plz consider the following formulas for the program:
1- T=(P60)/(23.14*N)…where N is speed of pinion, P is power, T(torque).

2- W=T/(D/2)…T is no. of teeth in pinion, D is diameter of pinion and W is the tangential tooth load on the pinion.

3- T=D/m…where T is no. of teeth in pinion, D is diameter of pinion, m is module.

4- T=S/(cos a)(cos a)(cos a)…a is helix angel

5-Y=.175-(.841/S)…S is equivalent no. of teeth

6- v=(3.14DN)/60…v is peripheral velocity

7- C=.75/(.75+square root of v)…C is velocity factor

8-W= sigmaCb3.14m*Y…b=12.5m

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