I want a refund for the hosting i just bought!

Hi admin,

I just made an order some minutes ago but with the look of things I’m not satisfied with your service.

I would be interested in getting a refund back to my credit card on file.

If i don’t hear from you guys before 24 hours, i will count your company as a scammer, then i would share what i experienced with your company with my 75,000 blog readers.

The email is used for setting up is : freegist2012( at ) gmail.com

I hope you won’t like this.

Thank you.

Please contact DreamHost Support for a refund.


As Andrew suggests open a ticket. To be honest, I’ve been around awhile as a customer and I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about. If you want out, they will let you out. They have a 97 day guarantee, and they aren’t kidding… they will give you money back for hosting until then. Domain registration may not be refundable, but in any case you can use any domain you registered anywhere.

Well, while I fully agree with what LakeRat says, there may still be a problem.

Which is that the link which Andrew gave only works for people who have an account successfully set up.

Considering that the original poster says “I just made an order some minutes ago but with the look of things I’m not satisfied with your service” it may well be that the account has not been successfully set up.

Maybe Dreamhost said “Please make a brass rubbing of your credit card and go to your local newsagent or wherever you can find a fax machine, and fax it to us”. At least, that’s what they did to me when I opened my account some years ago.

I actually walked a mile in order to comply with their request. Many people probably would not have done that. Especially if they have 75,000 blog readers waiting to read about how Dreamhost still can’t get simple things right.

TBH, I always laugh when I see things like this, because it’s obvious that these people just don’t understand how the internet works.

I’ve worked with numerous hosts, been with Dreamhost for quite a while, and I’ve never had any of the problems that some people who complain vociferously about have, mainly because I know how to RTFM and search a support forum.

I don’t know how you can be dissatisfied with a service you have literally had for only minutes. Maybe he discovered that having your own website requires advanced skills beyond what is required to post to Blogger. But we’ll never know, because people like this rarely, if ever, post specific questions that we provide specific answers to.

Oh, well. We listened, at least.

goes back to writing his own code