I want a client to upload to my site...how?

Hi dreamhost!

A photographer friend of mine would like to upload a bunch of photos to my site/server so I can look them over. I know how to set up a sub directory but how can I furnish him with a link so he can upload his shots to there without resorting to him using an ftp client/learning my username and password?

There are lot’s of ways you could do it, but I think a good way to go from a security/usability standpoint is to set up a subdir, or subdomain, for this purpose and use a filemanager or uploader type script to allow your client to upload files to your account space.

For a filemanager, I use, and recommend, ffileman, which allows you to install it in a single directory, with it’s own username/password, and lets you restrict how far up the directory tree the user can travel.

For an uploader, it’s hard to beat uber-uploader. It does not use any password functions but it also does not allow browsing around the directory at all, only uploading. You could always install that in a directory that is password protected using apache authentication (.htaccess), which you can easily implement via the DH control panel.

With either of these approaches, there are certain advantages over ftp and/or pure PHP driven filemanagers/uploaders.

  1. Does not require the creation of a new machine user for your account or require you to share your credentials.

  2. Simplifies subsequent use of uploaded files by your machine user, as all the files are owned by you. (thanks, suEXEC!).

  3. Upload file size is not limited by PHP installation settings.

  4. You user needs nothing but a browser to send you the files.


What a great response! Thank you! So much good information and it sounds like something I can do myself. Thanks!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

You are welcome! I’m glad you found the information useful, and good luck with your site(s). :slight_smile:


An additional method that you can use is the WebDAV support that Dreamhost has. Under Goodies, click on the WebDAV section.

You can create a space for both of you to share files which they could drag and drop files into. You can easily control the username/password that they use through the access list. WebDAV is intergrated into most operating systems now so they can easily map to it. There is also no file transfer limit really with WebDAV.

Though I do also like the links to the PHP upload scripts.

great suggestion! I’m going to read up on this, stat.