I used DH a while ago now i have some Q's

when i used DH i was able to run cgi scripts from any dir except cgi-bin . is it still the same?

which programs they are using now for stats?

how reliable is mysql server now?

are u guys happy with DH?

“when i used DH i was able to run cgi scripts from any dir except cgi-bin . is it still the same?”
-Yes, you can.

“which programs they are using now for stats?”
-Not sure, i’m not a stats fanatic.

“how reliable is mysql server now?”
-I run one mysql server and have never had a problem with it, ever.

“are u guys happy with DH?”
-Let’s just say I co-own the local ISP and still use DreamHost as my web host! :slight_smile:

can i run cgi scripts from /cgi-bin/ directory or not
or does it have to be something else

Yes, you may put your CGI programs whereever you like and the web server will pick up, and parse them as CGI if you put the appropriate extension on them.

You may also create a directory named cgi-bin and place them in there if that makes you feel happier.

Dreamhost use Analog v 4.x for analysing hit statistics. Hopefully this will be upgraded to version 5 soon (please?).

No problems with the MySQL server. I wasn’t even aware that the service had problems in the first place. Seems solid to me.

After scouring the net for a few years and using an extensive number of hosting providers; I have yet to find one as friendly, flexible and helpful as dreamhost. If you really want to tweak things with your setup but can not afford to fork out for your own dedicated server, then I think you will find that Dreamhost really is a dream!


i’m typing parts of my thoughts instead of all of them.

“-Yes, you can.” was meant to be:
"-Yes, you can use cgi-bin."

I think the only change that was made to the cgi-bin stuff was that now you can actually have a directory named ‘cgi-bin’ if you want and it’ll still work.

Curiously enough, our old setup would allow anything but ‘cgi-bin’, but now anything is fine. Odd? I know.

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it sounds great. i have 2 more Q’s
1)is Perl database modules: DBI and the appropriate DBD module loaded ?
2)is Perl GD.pm Module installed on the server?

*i always was happy with DH, i left them to get a dedicated server hoping to make it really big but never got the traffic i was hoping for.

how about an answer from DH staff?

Hi Anon -

Remember, this is the customer discussion area - for guaranteed, timely answers, make sure to contact our sales department. We don’t always check this board every day, or answer every question. :>

However, in this case, it’s easy - we support both of the modules you mention.

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