Ï»¿ - unwanted characters on web page? Help!




I use include statements on my web page. I recently added some img tags to the include file and now strange characters and extra spacing is showing up on my web pages.

Does anyone know where these characters might be coming from? 

These characters do not appear in the HTML. They’re like phantoms!


Which editor did you use? It seems the character < is not interpreted properly.

You can try to delete that character and re-type it. For example: re-type

[color=#CC0000]<[/color]table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">

I’ve tried on my side. I removed the special character and re-typed <. It is working.

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You’re seeing the Unicode Byte-order mark (BOM)

See if you can avoid saving the files in UTF-8. Alternately you can try serve documents as UTF instead of ISO-8859-1.

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You can find something on the web by googling “EFBBBF”.