I thknk my account has been hacked

Over the past 10 days I have had a score of problems dealing with e-mail, wordpress, and domain name DNS. The last e-mail I received from support did not help, adn I have sent several more within the past 15 hours and have received no response so I am trying here.

Can anyone tell me if all these problems are coincidences or if this looks like someone has hacked into my hosting account:

  1. one of my domains is using gmail. When I go to mail.woeinc.org is says server is not found. The response i received said that all of the MX records are set correctly for
    woeinc.org, and the CNAME is set correctly for mail.woeinc.org. I was then told that I might
    need to contact Google directly to figure out what is wrong on their end.

  2. My wordpress site in the root directory of one of my domains (sesacreative.biz) has been hacked and it has disappeared. As of yesterday all a visitor was was the default install page as if it had just been installed fo rthe first time. Technical support did some testing yesterday and now I don’t even get that I get a parse error. (the dramhost teach tried swapping between a couple of the prefixes for my install, and
    when I swapped back to the original one, she saw this:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
    /home/sesa/sesacreative.biz/wp-config.php on line 19
    –indicating that my site had been exploited) IN response I am sent links to wikis and forums to solve the problem. So now not only is the situation worse than when I started, but I still have no clue how to fix this. I don’t even know if my old data is still in the database and if maybe I just need to re-install and import the old data.

  3. Finally, under the status reports in my web admin panel I am getting all kinds of messages saying that certain domains are not pointing to the dreamhost IP? What? All of these domains are up and running and hosted on dreamhost servers so how is this even possible?

Now my frustration is up until a few weeks ago all of my sites worked fine.
Is it just coincidence that all of this is happening at the same time. Something is going on.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what might be going on?

Frustrated in Atlanta!

Well, can you access your panel?

I just did a whois and it seems those domains are pointing to the DH nameservers.

Refresh all your domains via Panel:

[color=#00CC00]Domains > Manage Domains > [/color][color=#0000CC]Edit[/color]

Click the [color=#0000CC]Change fully hosted setting now![/color] button.

For those sites using Gmail, switch them back to DreamHost Mail during the above updating procedure, wait 10 minutes, then repeat the process, switching back to Gmail again.

That should refresh everything on the backend.

With the WordPress problem, use phpMyAdmin to export a backup of your affected databases, backup your wp-config.php files and any custom images/content via ftp or shell and reinstall or upgrade WP 2.7.1

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Also, can you access your account via.


Will it allow you to login?

I found out from DH that it was a glitch in a different system that was causing the status updates.