I think someone used me as referral! (?)


It’s Stupid Questions Day:)


Here it is:

I have a DH acount for some time.

Recently I installed a couple of blogs. They are not so popular for now, but I try to write interesting and often, and I see Google has found them already.


I have a very small link in the blogs’ footer which says “hosted by dreamhost” and it links via my referral id to dreamhost.

I check from time to time my “reward payments report” and there’s nothing, of course:)

But today I checked and there it said:

Complete history of your DreamHost Rewards:

Time stamp: 2007-01-19 / hour
Type: 10%
Due to: XXXXXX
They paid: $382.80
Amount: $38.28 (pending)
Balance: $0.00

Then there was mentioned a SECOND timestamp, immediately after the first and then:

Payment from XXXXXX at 2007-01-19 / hour: refunded. Balance: $-38.28

Then followed a date 5 days later, same numbers as on line 1, etc.


Payments within the last 97 days are pending: $38.28

Hey, does this mean that someone really clicked on my r.cgi link and signed up for Dreamhost and if he/she sticks with it for 97 days more, I’ll get my first reward to my hosting plan?..

I just don’t get the numbers well, but I’m all excited… :slight_smile:

Thx! :slight_smile:

Yes, you just have to wait 97 days to be sure they keep their plan and you will get 38$ :wink:

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Yes, and if they spend any more money with DreamHost in the future, you will also receive 10% of that, due to you apparently having your rewards set to ‘recurring payments’.

As for the strange ‘payment, refund, payment’ in your rewards report, some changes were made to the DreamHost system over the last couple of months, which did result in rewards payments being refunded, then re-instated.


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Hey, that’s great!

This would be my first DreamHost earned 38 dollars! YEAAAAHHH! :-))) [of course, if the guy/girl stick with the plan and doesn’t go away… I hope so…]

Thank you! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone is making a fortune referring people to DreamHost, but it can help pay for your hosting costs and best of all, you get to spread the word about an excellent host with great plans.


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congratulations. and thank DH for the great services.

it is not too much but is helpful for our bills :wink:

the guy/girl will usually stay in DH. so you do not need to worry too much but just wait for 90 days :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thx :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ll earn a fortune by referring people (although, some do, as you know… see, for example, the guy who writes everyday at the MikeIndustries blog;-)

But… Even a couple of referrals may help pay my hosting bills, and that’s great:)


create a promo-code and advertise it on your blogs, your referrals get a discount, you get some cash and dreamhost gets a new customer, everybody wins! :slight_smile:

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Yeah creating a PROMO code is cool your helping the DH company to have a new client. And as a reward they will pay you and the new client also benifits the promocode and gets a BIG BIG discount. :slight_smile:

I’m Glad to be Hosted /w DH
PROMOCODE: [color=#CC0000]IM4GIVEN[/color] and get $97 of discount. :wink:

Is it just me, or has this place developed an echo lately? :stuck_out_tongue:


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you will never know untill you try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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