I think its time to move on


Another day another issue. Constant site slowdowns, can update or post a blog with out getting some sort of database issue. I think I have given it enough time and my patience, but I really need to spend my time on important things and not wary about my websites constantly ether down or almost impossible to access because of the wait time it takes to load a basic Wordpress Blog.

Time to look at the company that will take less than 24 hours to answer an urgent support ticket.



I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with our service.
Looking over your account, I don’t see any current tickets open. The most recent one we replied to a few hours after receiving it. Did you submit a ticket under a different account? And if you haven’t submitted a ticket, please provide me with the ticket number.

That being said, looking over your server, I see it has a higher than normal load. This is most likely the reason for your sites slowness. I have already advised our admins, and they’re investigating the cause. I would like to continue this conversation in private, so please submit a ticket, provide me with a ticket number.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff


I have just submitted a ticket. Tracking # is 5634288

I am not sure where the higher than normal load would be coming from when it takes longer than 10 seconds to load a website. But hopefully they can figure something out but I am not holding my breath.



Thank you for submitting a ticket.
It doesn’t appear that the high server load is your fault.
Your account doesn’t look like it’s hitting memory limits.
Our admins are investigating the cause of the issues.
Sit tight, we’re on it :slight_smile:

Justin H
DreamHost Staff


Thank you

please I need quick reply for my question?

Does dreamhost payment support prepaid visa card to purchase domain name and hosting?

Kind regard
Omer Alawi


Hi Omer,

I’ve answered your question in another forum post:

Justin H
DreamHost Staff


HI Justin, It was ok for a little while yesterday but sites are been slow again this morning.