I think I made a mistake

I had heard great things about DH, and after visiting many websites on a regular basis that are hosted by DH I decided to sign up.

I was very impressed by the amount of features. I also did get a great discount with a promo code.

I signed up for my free domain, and it propagated very quickly, within minutes. I signed in though FTP, and it was extremely fast.

The thing that scares me though, is that I have been periodically visiting my domain name only to get “connection refused”, and network timeouts.

Sometimes my site pops right up, and others it just doesn’t, or takes forever to load.

Is this just an issue with my domain name not being fully propagated, or is it just this bad?

Is there any way to find out the IP of my site so I can connect using that? For some reason that info was not provided to me with my initial emails, which is strange in itself.

Any ideas??

The domain is flatfiends.com

Your domain can take anywhere up to 72 hours to fully propagate. How long have you had it? I cannot see it, and WHOIS doesn’t have any information about it.

If you are using regular shared hosting, you cannot connect with an IP address (because we share them). You can see about accessing your site before propagation here: DNS - Viewing site before DNS change

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Well, I have actually only had it for a matter of hours, but I figured that since I was able to connect so fast with my domain name that I was set.

I may just be overly anxious, but with another hosting account that I had in the past it all up right away and was strong and steady from there on.

Have connections errors on DH right away kinda scared me.

Thank you very much for the link, and the reply.

I’ll try and quell my anxiety for the next few days and see what happens.


Despite that, it would seem that propagation is almost complete. I can now access your site (although it is only a blank page at the moment), and your WHOIS record appears to have been updated as well. All systems go!

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog