I registered a domain, but I can't configure custom DNS

I’m confused. I first created an account on dreamhostapps.com and then decided to register a domain with dreamhost because it was slightly cheaper than domaindiscover where I have another domain. At domaindiscover, I can control all the DNS settings, forward email, and setup redirects for my domain. The same was true when I used networksolutions and many other registration companies.

However, for the domain I just registered with dreamhost, I have no control whatsoever. The panel.dreamhost.com shows that I would need to purchase webhosting through dreamhost in order to edit my DNS entries. That can’t be true! What is going on here?

Is the problem that I registered this domain with the same account I used for their free dreamhostapps service and thus can’t access the full control panel? Is this a bug?

If anyone can help, please let me know. I can’t even contact dreamhost email support because my dreamhostapps account has no access to that!


you can contact DH support via the email address on their homepage.

you should be able to edit those details by clicking on ‘manage domains’ then the ‘DNS’ link under your domain.

Thanks for replying. I looked into this a bit more and found that dreamhost doesn’t appear to provide any DNS management interface without paying for a web hosting plan. I can change the name servers and whois info…that’s it. I had just assumed they would provide the usual options since most competitors do (it has become pretty standard). However, I’ll try to make it through the year with the limited options they’ve given and transfer my domain next year (if not sooner).

hmm, if that’s the case, i agree it’s a very poor system. to their defence, though they don’t really advertise themselves as domain registrars. it’s more of a service they offer to hosting customers which they contract out to other companies (at least for international TLD).

Still, you paid for it and you should be able to control it. Contact DH with your request and see if they can do something. If not, after 45 days, transfer it to another registrar.