I really want my account back!

Our computer has been infected with viruses a long time, and therefore I couldn’t go onto my dreamhost account. I was hoping it would still have me automatically logged in as usual when I click on Login, but now I tried today, and it didn’t, and I have to sign in all over again, while I forgot my password and web ID, I don’t remember my email anymore, and don’t even know if I have signed up my father or myself with one of our birthdays… maybe I had even given a false birthday, which wasn’t too clever of course. Now, I was wondering, could I ever get my account back?? Because it’s really essential to finish off my website… because there’s a password on my dreamhost account that I need in order to login at my GlobalSCAPE account… and so now, I can’t continue my website work really… please help??
17-year old girl.

you could probably mail support, tell them the domain, they could find the account and email the address on record I 'd think.
35-year old man.