I prefer my laptop

Hello, I can’t find answers anywhere so I’m hoping someone here can help me!!

My website comes out nice on computers and laptops and I completely forgot most people use their phones to look these up (unlike me, I prefer my laptop).
The menu items are different. On the desktop they appear at the top like any normal site. Ok the phone they are gone. You have to click this little box which I feel makes the site look Unprofessional. Any tips or assistance?

The little box-as-a-menu (commonly “hamburger”) type popout menus are actually what phone browsing users expect. I’d suggest using some custom CSS if you feel that it doesn’t suit your design – i.e. make the box menu thing look like it belongs there.

If you only have 2 menu items you might do away with it with little ill effect, however you have to keep in mind that the average display area is very small on a handheld device when compared to the measured-in-feet screens that we have on our desks.

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