I paid 6 days before still in pending

I have paid for my host with Google Chechout at
—this is my details----------

Order Details - Sep 27, 2007 6:40 PM GMT+08:00
Not yet shipped 1 DreamHost Web Hosting - Account #347574 (yanyan19) $89.40

but my accont still in pending

File a ticket through support and explain your situation - this is a customer-to-customer forums and we can’t help you.

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We have noticed here that there are frequently people who post here worried about whether their account will get approved. They are all overseas customers and most of them have used Google Checkout (as this seems the only method of payment approved by DreamHost for many countries).

We’ve never heard back from any of them, so I’d guess that their accounts were eventually approved after the lengthy anti-fraud checks that we all have to go through.

Feel free to contact support, but be reassured that you are in a common, though unfortunate, situation.

Take care and good luck!

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