I ordered a new account, yet it doesn't show up

So I ordered a new 2-year plan for the CDI.
I clicked the “one button no way back after clicking it 'cause it’s done” button.
I was taken to the next page. But My plan doesn’t show up anywhere, I didn’t get an email, nuttin’.

So do I wait?
Or did something go wrong?
And are you sure, 'cause I’m afraid if I do it again, I’ll end up with two plans.

I took the risk and tried again, only I didn’t clink on the BIG add a plan button but on the textlink, in my account info, and now it worked.

So sumptin’s not working on your page guys

You should probably write into support next time, considering this isn’t a support forums :wink:

(Unless I misunderstood you, and you didn’t already have a plan.)

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