I need your response

Hi 11th time again.I don’t know whether you received my domain information.I registered on December 29/2002’ and I got no any response from you.Let me hear from you today.Or if you don’t want me to be customer let know.Don;t let wait for nothing. Call me at (404 668 9102.) or e-mail back today.My domain is (awinoonline.net).How come you charge me $34 and you don’t even send me welcome letter or anything,response at (awinogam@hotmail.com) only.

May I ask how you contacted DreamHost for the last 10 times? They almost always get back to you in 24 hours or less.

By the way, I saw that awinoonline.net is registered to MY SELF! No offense, but this is not a particularly clever move. You might actually LOSE this domain name due to inaccurate registration info. I would strongly recommend using either your name Awino Gam or any company you own. Just my two cents. Happy New Year!

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