I need ur help . i have a problems with http link

so i have create a new user login in the dreamhost . so i login in this host , i uploading any files . so i want share this files on my web so i have copy the url with no user & pass . is does not work http link why . so what i must doing . can anybody help me .

Are you uploading the files to the web directory for your domain? By default this directory will be named the same as your domain. For example, if your domain is example.com, the web directory for that domain will also be example.com.


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  1. Check the location of the file against the link making sure they are identicle.
  2. Check the link for capitalization against the location of the file’s directory. As directory names are case sensitive.
  3. Make sure your file is located in your web space. When ftp’ing your site you will find a directory that matches your domain name, the file must be below that directory to be visible on the web.

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as what they said, make sure you are uploading the files to the right directory.

if you open your ftp directory, you’ll see three folderes, Maildir, log, and yourdomain.com You should upload files into yourdomain.com folder

and make sure your account has been approved. You can check by DH panel --> Bills --> Manage Accounts. You should see enabled.

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so i have copy this link to the adress bar in firefox , they asking the user & pass


this link not work . my domain is lollovellol.com

so why not work so tell me please guyz and help me .

I have replied to your PM, but I will outline my theory here too. :slight_smile:

Some of the information in your PM leads me to believe that when you are logging-in via FTP you are using the wrong user, not the user that controls the domain. Therefore, when you created the /lollovellol.com/phimnhac/ directory, you created it in the wrong home directory.

If you log-in using the correct user, the one that controls the domain, and re-create the /phimnhac/ directory in the /lollovellol.com/ directory, you should be able to upload to this directory and HTTP links should work fine.


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