I need to install or enable Zip PHP extension



I’m using a pretty out of date moodle system as of now because dreamhost doesn’t carry the automatic upgrades anymore.

I THINK other users on dreamhost still do host moodle systems though so…

To do the upgrade manually moodle states that dreamhosts servers do not have this installed or enabled: This is word for word what it states: [color=#FF0000]“The Zip PHP extension is now required by Moodle, info-ZIP binaries or PclZip library are not used anymore.
php_extension xmlrpc should be installed and enabled for best results”

What does this mean? And can I, how can enable it or install it so that I can do the necessary upgrades?


I have been a customer for a LOOOOOONG time and hence am still around but do I need to look for another host to run a current version of moodle because of this? I am not well versed in this stuff and fumble my way through everything so please go easy on me.


The only way to get Moodle 2.0 installed at DH is to use php 5.3 and add the extensions you need

However, Moodle 2.0 is very resource intensive and will not work well with a standard DH shared hosting account unless you have a very small user-base. It really wants to be on a dedicated server.


What would be considered a very small user base? I deal with about 15-25 users a month.