I need some folders to be restore



Hi Guys! Probally this system is faster than the technical support from the control panel…

Well I have 1 or 2 more questions…In my subdomain name:
foro.cyberarca.com I have see 2 folders named: logs and Maildir I think I deleted these folder by accident and I don’t know if I need it, because I think the logs folder is for my logs information right?

Now that I see my cyberarca.com domain name is empty, there is not folder called logs or maildir and I think I saw these folder before too…

Thanks for your help.


The logs folder is used for the various log files and it is a root/root (owner/group) file so you would need to contact support. The Maildir folder is username/group so could be re created but I am not sure if the sub-folders under that would be recreated.

Unless you have started to put data into the sub-domain then probably the best bet would be to delete the sub-domain via the Control Panel (maybe check via ssh/ftp that all traces have gone) then after a suitable time re-create your sub-domain again and the happy domain robot should put those folders back in place.

If your domain name is missing those folders as well then it is time to contact support. (If you created the new domain yourself from your already installed account you could of course delete the lot via the Control Panel and start again. Just make sure that they are deleted because I have had some not delete properly.)



Backups of all the files and folders are stored for you. You can restore them yourself using the .snapshots folder. using either FTP or SSH move into the hidden .snapshot folder under your home directory. From there you’ll find several backups from different times - just grab the proper folders and copy them back to where they belong.



Does the .snapshot folder need to be configured in the control panel? I don’t see it in my home directory (using “ls -a”).

Thanks much!


You wont see it, but trust me, it is there. :slight_smile:

cd .snapshot

More information in the wiki article below;



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