I need help!

I am Chinese users, the mainframe restart request, the website has been slow.
The host ip:

This is primarily a “customer-to-customer” forum and no one here is able to restart a server for you.

If your website is running slow, and you want DreamHost to look into it, you should file a Support Request. Good Luck!


Can you tell me the Support EMAIL?

to contact support, log into DH panel via https://panel.dreamhost.com with your email address and password

After you log in, look for DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

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actually nobody can contact support via the panel because the panel has been down for the past day and is still down.


I do not have any problem with DH panel.

Maybe it depends on which server you are in.

If you can’t log into the panel, the only way to contact support is via http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

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The panel worked fine for me for the past day, and is working fine now. You might be having some connectivity problem; did you run a traceroute? :wink:


Panel has not worked at all for me since last week either. Have tried from multiple locations and no go from any. Pretty frustrating to have a real problem or emergency and not even be able to reach tech support at all either. If you try to e-mail tech support directly it gets rejected too unless you do it via the support panel. If not you get this message back:

"We’re sorry… your email was unable to be processed by our automatic support system, and so is being returned to you.

Our system could not find the open support case you were replying to, and so could not automatically tie your message into our system. If thiswas a reply to an EXISTING issue, please be sure to keep the:

[blah 123456]

in the subject line of your reply!

If this is regarding a NEW issue, we must ask that you submit it through our web panel at:


(You can log in with this email address and your panel password… have it emailed to you if you’ve forgotten it!)

All messages submitted through that form are guaranteed to be received!

Our apologies for the inconvenience,

The Happy DreamHost Support Team!"

So not only are you screwed but there’s no way to let them know you need help either. It’s frustrating.

Whoa! That’s very odd behavior. What exactly happens when you try to go to http(s)://panel.dreamhost.com/? You said you’ve tried from multiple locations… does that mean from multiple computers?

In any case, here are some suggestions. Clear your cookies and cache! Or at least be sure to remove any/all dreamhost cookies. Try to access.

No go? Try to reach panel[1-6].dreamhost.com, instead. In other words, http://panel6.dreamhost.com, or http://panel5.dreamhost.com, and so on. You should be able to AT LEAST get to a panel login page since many/most of the rest of us can. If not, that traceroute suggestion should be turning up good info for the admins to go on.

Let us know if your troubles clear up… or not.


[quote]no one here is able to restart a server for you.


I bet if we all cooperated, we could crash it, which would take it to the top of the “needs restart” list. No, that would be wrong. :cool:

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Actually, you can use the form at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi. :wink:


Thanks rlparker, and to jt also for his advice above. Oddly enough the panel worked yesterday for me for a while but now again does not. But I am seeking further advice as this is a dreambook related problem. I read somewhere that contacting dreamhost for dreambook problems is not recommended as they are different entities… or something to that effect? But there is no information as to where I should go for dreambook help. I know dreambooks are free and therefore not put high on any priority list but I have not been able to sucessfully access any of my dreambooks for over a week now. Now there are multiple undesirable inappropriate posts that I’d need to delete but when I log into my dreambook management panel it seems to let me in but then kicks me right back out to the log-in screen again if I try anything further. I contacted support via the contact form and did get a reply Monday that just said they were working on the server that controls dreambooks and that it would be up in a day or two. It’s been longer than that and any other attempts to contact support have so far fallen on deaf ears as I have not gotten any responses back at all. I don’t know what else to do…

That sounds like a very frustrating situation, particularly seeing that you can’t “purge” your site of undesirable content. :frowning:

The only thing that I can suggest is that the “recent security breach” has probably created a higher than normal support load which, coupled with the “low priority” nature of Dreambook (if that is, indeed, how they perceive it) might be part of the reason for less than normal attention to this problem.

I’d just keep sending a ticket (once a day) from the Panel when I can, or via the contact form, when I can’t, making sure I describe the problem just as you have here. That way, hopefully, as they “catch up”, your situation will not get overlooked. Good luck!