I need help

Hello! I am new and a friend has recommended to me to use this hoating I have a problem.

I finish registering in the page and have contracted a basic plan. When trying to create a data base “mysql” or to create a user, gives the following error me “Oops! You can’t add any dwells users to this until Account you add to another plan”

In the page of beginning of the Control Panel account puts the following “approval This to me is currently pending. If you’ve already completed the sign-up process please wait one business day… thanks! “

Is that the reason for which nothing works to me? I feel my English badly Thank you very much

Yes, you must wait for the account to be approved before you can add any databases or users.

The time taken for account approval can vary from a few minutes to a few days. When your account has been approved you should receive an email from DreamHost giving you log-in details for your account.

Your English is fine, at least I was able to understand your question. :slight_smile:


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Your account is supposed to be automatically approved. If you feel that you have waited for too long, send them a reminder in DH panel --> Support --> Contact support. Enjoy

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