I need Help with MySQL database. Please


I just signed up with DH and I am now trying to transfer my sql databases over. I read through the Mysql wiki but all the urls tell you to type mydomain.com in it. How can I get into PHPmyadmin with out going to mysql.mydomain.com? I have not put the dns server names in yet because I want to make sure my site is up and running before I do that.



The only way that immediately comes to my mind would be to extend the concept of the Dreamhost Wki Article on viewing your site before DNS changes, and creating a database using the “something.dreamhosters.com” subdomain (ending up with something like “mysql.something.dreamhosters.com”).

Then, after testing, when you are ready to go “live” you could just continue to use the “dreamhosters.com” database if you wanted to or you could add a new “host” reflecting your actual domain name (it would point to the same database either way).



Thanks fo the link. I was looking in the Mysql wiki and did not set this.

Thanks again.


No problem! Maybe it would be a good idea if someone referenced MySQL hostnames as also being candidates for that methodology in the article I linked, or added a link to the that article into the MySQL pages of the wiki, so that searching for ‘mysql before DNS changes’ (without the quotes) would find it :wink: Anyway, I hope it works well enough for you. Good Luck!



Here’s the link to the database version of the example linked to above:


For some reason, that links to the website example, but the website page doesn’t link back to the database page.

But if you search the wiki for “before dns” the database page is the first result.

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Great! Thanks for pointing that out (that is the link I should have given the original poster). :wink:



I just added the link near the top of that page, in case that’s what people that end up there are looking for.

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