I need help with .htaccess

I have a directory, “/protected/”, that I only wanted certain IPs to be able to view. The directory has three files in it:

Here’s my .htaccess code:

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from <IP 1>
allow from <IP 2>
allow from <IP 3>
allow from <IP 4>
allow from <IP 5>
allow from <IP 6>

Ok, so when I add the persons IP, they can view the Index.html. However, when they click the download link to the “file.rar”, they get the 404 FORBIDDEN error… Any help? Thanks much :slight_smile:

Try reversing the deny,allow. Or Place deny from all at the bottom. It does make a difference, I recall having a similar issue back when I first created my black list.

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That didn’t work =\

Did you check the chmod properties for the rar file?

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Now i think it’s the file… If i upload other zip or rar files, people can still download them. The CHMOD is set to 644. The file’s 2.3 GB… i’m guessing that has something to do with it?