I need help with compiling custom php

I’m new to DH forums and I need help in compiling a custom php install for my domain. I followed the instructions listed in the help file pinted to me by support but when I try opening the pages i get a 404 error telling me the files cannot be found.
What could I be doing wrong. I edited my htaccess files as the doc requested I should do. Anyone know any other way that works? How do I get my domain to point to the custom php install

I don’t know what instructions support gave you, but the ones located in the wiki are what you should be following to get PHP working properly.
Assuming you want PHP5, the wiki link for that is here:

I don’t know how else to help you other than to point you at that wiki entry, and suggest you follow it exactly as it says. If something goes wrong, then you’ve probably missed a step. Just go back and double-check you did everything exactly as it says :slight_smile: