I need help uploading

[quote]I am having trouble uploading my website.

I am using Adobe’s GoLive program. I have gone through all of the
troubleshooting both there and at dreamhost and nothing seems to work. As you will see when you


[quote]the site, (luxsavvy.com)you will get a brown screen with an red x where my image

should be.

of the



Here is what dreamhost support has to say about this:

"The problem is with the following line in your home page source:

You need to upload the file to your server space, and reference it

Thats great, but I don’t see any problem with that source(Im a beginnner) and as I follow all the directions through Fetch to upload, it all works fine on my computer. Can someone explain to me in a way I will understand what is going wrong?

this means that you have referenced your img file relative to your hard disk.

try writing: if the gif is in your root folder on the server, or supply the proper path, for example:

that is all.

Support is correct in saying that this is the problem:

<img src="file:///LuxSavvy1/website peices/comingsoon.gif" alt="" height="617" width="864" border="0" livesrc="comingsoon.ai">I recommend using an FTP program (try Smart FTP) to manually transfer your files from your computer to the web server. Adobe GoLive is hardcoding your image path, and the web cannot see your local hard drive.

Suppose you put your main site pages directly into your main FTP folder (should be called “luxsavvy.com”), and then all your images into a subfolder within “luxsavvy.com” called “images”. You could then reference your images in any of the following ways:

<img src="/images/comingsoon.gif"> - relative to the root folder <img src="images/comingsoon.gif"> - relative to the web page <img src="http://luxsavvy.com/images/comingsoon.gif"> - remotely---------------
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In your code, the image file is listed as being at file:///LuxSavvy1/website peices/comingsoon.gif, which is a location on your harddrive, not on the server. If the image file in question is being uploaded in the /LuxxSavvy1/ folder, change the /website pieces/ folder to one word (/websitepieces/), then remove the file:// and change it too:

<img src="/LuxSavvy1/websitepeices/comingsoon.gif" alt="coming soon" height="617" width="864" border="0" />-----------------
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