I need help quickly! just 2hr till reg. expaires!

I wrote to the dreamhost suppurt team yesturday:
I have asked this before, but I the answer wasn`t clear:
Can I replace my freebie domain that I chose when I’ve registerd my
Dreamhost hosting plan into a differnt domain name?
My current domain name is “nezeks.com”, I would like to change it into
"nezek.org” as the free domain Dreamhost provides.

please guide me step by step, I`m not very good in the domain
registation field.

I’ll be greatful if you answer me quickly, because my domain
registerion expaiers in 1 day


now, I have 2 hour left until my domain expaires,
and they didnt response yet.
please, help me, I dont want to have this domain for another year!

[quote]now, I have 2 hour left until my domain expaires


2 hours? How do you count that? And if you don’t want to use nezeks.com, it doesn’t matter if it expires or not, right?

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why the hell are you responding my question with a question?!

I count that in the menage domains section on the web panel.
It does metter if it expiares, bucause this domain is free, dreamhost provides it, and i like to keep it that way.

what about some help and guidens?

  1. When someone’s trying to help you–on their own time because we, like you, are customers and not DH staff–it’s generally considered a good idea to be polite rather than getting all testy when someone tries to clarify your issue.

  2. Log in to the panel. Domains --> Registrations. Look for the line where it lists the domain in question. Under “Renew Later?” if “Yes” is in bold, your domain is set to auto-renew. If not, you can click on “yes” and it will set it to auto-renew.