I need HELP! Please!

I am having a lot of trouble with EVERYTHING anyway, but right now I am most concerned with trying to install more one-click software onto my site and it keeps saying it was unsuccessfull. I only have installed WebCalendar and after that it says it’s full. How do I install anything else? I am afraid to click remove because this big warning pops up and says it will remove my whole site!? Please, please help!

It sounds like you ware running up against the situation where you are telling the new “one-click” to install to a directory that already contains files (your webcalendar application).

Dreamhost “one-clicks” require that the destination directory be completely empty before they will install the new application. The way you get around this is you specify a new directory/subdirectory to hold the “new” install.

For instance, Let’s say you installed webcalendar to “yourdomain.tld”, which puts the webcalender application application in the directory “/home/.dataglob/yourdomain.tld/” (using the default method of Dreamhost using yourdomain.tld as the web directory of a domain). Further attempts to install another “one-click” into that directory will fail for the reason previously explained. You could work around this by telling the “one-click” installer to install, say WordPress into the directory “/home/.dataglob/yourdomian.tld/blog” (which would be reachable via "http://yourdomain.tld/blog), and it would work just fine.

Additionally, you could create subdomains for each of your applications. I sometimes do this, as it cost nothing extra at Dreamhost and is a very good way to organized things. You could create domains likr “blog.yourdomian.tld”, “gallery.yourdomian.tld”, “webcalendar.yourdomian.tld” and just install the appropriate “one-click” program into the appropriate domain. One advantage of doing it this way is that you don’t have to worry about any potential conflicts that could arise as a result of having various .htaccess file (often containing Apache re-write rules) conflicting with on another).