I need help getting started with debugging a theme

I need help getting started with debugging a theme.

It would help if anyone was familiar with The Proton theme.

It is free but wordpress.org says it is a non-wordpress.org theme. So they will not help me.
this is the fislam wordpress page

Here is the documentation on the theme I use

As you can see, I am missing the "Featured Post" section as well as the "Latest news Section"

I have followed the instruction on the documentaion page but it does not work.

I found some help and I copied it here
but they do not address the issue.  The people here do not seem to be programmers and do not dig deeply into the code.

The theme comes with a source code set of a workable demo.  The demo is supposed to look like this if it is built correctly along with the sql database settings

Here is the link to data on wordpress data I have
TheProton theme searches are lined at the bottom of the page

So, I want to start digging into this broken theme I have and fix it.

I have done some windiff on the code but, because of the miss-match of the end-of-line and return characters, it did not yeld immediate usable results.

The document mentions some css files.
I think that is where the key lies to fixing this.
I need tomodify some css files.

Where do I find the css files it mentions?

Should it be in the theme directory or in the directory of the main wordpress area?

Or do you have a different ideaon how I shold approache this?

Your main CSS will be in your wp-content/themes/themename folder.

Have you asked at http://www.intenseblog.com/wordpress/theproton-brand-new-free-premium-wordpress-theme.html ?

thanks for the tip. I just posted on the intenseblog page the following which describes my problem in a nut shell:

[quote]I cannot get a member of the “Featured Posts” visible on my site.

The strange thing is that the “Hello World” test page was automatically set as a member of the “Featured Post” but when I went into the Admin Dashboard, there were no settings checked that would make the “Hello World” a member. What is more is that I could not get my other blogs to display as a member of the “Featured Posts”.

Please advise. [/quote]

For some reason I overlooked and did not find this. I am glad you found this page, http://www.intenseblog.com/wordpress/theproton-brand-new-free-premium-wordpress-theme.html#comment-23267 There is a part of the page that says something about the “Chief Branding Officer” and I am going to try to contact her.

Then I guess I will have to delve into the php and css code to solve the bug. I like this theme and, unless I can easily move to a better one, I am stuck with trying to debug my problem.