I need help desperately!

As a long time customer of your fine hosting abilites, I need somebody to help me ASAP to helo me FTP my site…please help

What do you need exactly ?

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well, I haven’t been trying to ftp my site for the last 48 hours and I can’t. An IT friend of mine says it’s a server problem on the dreamhost end of things can’t an iterminite sigal when he pinged it. All this time I was told it is my fault.

I have had no problems before so this is amazingly frustrating…

Is anybody out there? Is it a problem on that end?

Try PASV mode in your client.
Otherwise, try webftp or even tftp.

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I’m using Dreamweaver 4. I tried webDav and still no luck…

Again, I’ve never had a problem before with connecting. Is it possible that there could a server problem?

Jumping back and forth between FTP (DreamWeaver) and webDAV is liokely to only complicte matters (if you actually configured the DIR to be a webDAV dir!).

First things first:

  1. Have you submitted a support ticket?

  2. What is you site’s url?


I hope somebody can please help me with this before quitting time. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Haven’t submitted a support ticket

My site’s url is: milliesdiner.com

Ok. Milliesdiner.com is up, so the domain is reachable. Before you do anything else, take 3 minutes now and submit a support ticket.

Had you done that initially, there is a very good chance DH tech support would have already had you sorted by now (they can see things we cannot see here, and will more easily be able to identify any problem with the system.

Did you use the control panel to make any directories into webDAV directories?


No, I didn’t do that with the webDAV.

I’ll fill out a support ticket this very second. Where is a support ticket to fill out?

https://panel.dreamhost.com. Menu Options:Support -> Contact Support.

If you didn’t setup a directory to be a webDAV directory, then it won’t work, so there is no sense in even trying that. :wink:


DH is doing some maintenance these days but everything is back to work by now.

If you still encounter the problem, send a ticket to DH support. They will be there to help.

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BTW, it bears mentioning that this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum and that rlparker is “merely” a highly respected fellow customer like the rest of us. (well, a fellow customer like the rest of us)

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Aren’t all “fellow customer(s) like the rest of us” highly respected? :wink:


Someone accused me of being highly respectable once…

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