I need help desperately!

I can’t reach my site at dreamhost. I’ve been at it for several hours now and I’m afraid I’m going to smash my computer…

Can anyone help?

can someone at dreamhost please address this situation. An IT friend of mine pinged the ftp site for my uploads and said it would be impossible for anything to be uploaded on the site.

I really would like to have this situation taken care of as soon as possible

See here: http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/. DH has a problem at this time, potentially affecting all customers.

Just getting into this discussion forum is difficult right now. And forget the wiki…

My sites are yo-yos at the moment. sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t.

You may wish to take a break from getting into your site for a while, and let the engineers get the routing problem solved.

Also, we are customers here, just like you. After the network is stable, there are usually a few of us around to help each other out.