I Need Customer Support and Can't Make Contact with Dreamhost


I have what I think is 3rd party shared hosting through Dreamhost. I was very new when my blog was set up by someone and they offered me hosting and not knowing much about my options, I just took it. Now I am looking to move on, but I cannot sign up for new hosting because I get a message saying my domain name is already registered in the database. Well my email doesn’t appear to be connected to my domain name at Dreamhost. I’m guessing its the 3rd party. I feel like my blog is being held hostage. I need to know how to break away. I tried emailing Dreamhost, but the message came back as undeliverable. I find nowhere to contact customer support since my email is not recognized. If this is how difficult it is to get support, should I rethink hosting with this company? Doesn’t feel like customer support is available.


The method to contact support for an email that is not registered is to use the contact form here: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/

That said, there may not be much they can do for you, because you’re not their customer.

Do you own your domain name? How was it paid for? Who is the registrar of your domain? These are very important questions in your situation.


I purchased the domain from GoDaddy and was using it on Blogger for just over a year. Then I paid someone to switch me to WP. Then they set me up with hosting.


Excellent. That is the best circumstance to be in here, beacuse if all else fails you can go elsewhere.

You can create a new dreamhost account without specifying a domain. I haven’t looked at the sign-up process lately, but there is a way to say “I’ll add one later.” I would do that, because then you can create tickets the normal way and chat with support instead of using the contact form. (I think the tickets that get created by the contact form go someplace ultra low priority).

Be certain that support understands that you (not the owner of the other dreamhost account) owns the domain and that is registered at godaddy. They should notice that themselves, but point it out before they make a bad assumption or guess and send you the wrong answer. They may ask you to prove you’re the domain owner, they have a proceedure for that.