I need catch-all


I suppose you’ve turned off catch all because you where not able to know if people who make use of catch all redirect to a valid e-mail address, but, every hosting services I know let it, and I need it.

If you should place a verification tool to ensure the redirected mail owns itself, do it, but you can’t cut off the service, if so, I’ll need to change hosting service, and I was OK here…

Please, reconsider that, because this was so useful for me, and everybody anywhere can do that, that’s not a good way to fight spam, it a drastic not useful way, because any mail mailed externally does not affect you.

And NO, I know how I want to work, I do not want to forward one by one, it is not my work, I can wast that time. If catch-all exists if for anything… or not?

So just say if you won’t ever reestablish catch-all if it is possible…

Thank you, Alberto.


There is already two topics about this.

Myself, I like the changes they are making. I still do a catch-all to a dreamhost mailbox and use it to send spam on to spamcop.

Forwarding catch-all to an external address is just not cool.