I Need Basic Information


I need to find out:

  1. What O/S your webserver is running? not the dedicated ones the crazy domain ones which i have.
  2. The full path to your root html directory.
    (e.g. http://premierstudio.xenolink.net/example/execute.exe)
    what would be the root directory html for that to put in a application path if i’m trying to execute a program through a php.

I tried /example/execute.exe/
but it still doesn’t work :confused:

  1. All of dreamhost’s servers run Apache webserver on the Linux Debian o/s

  2. The full path to your html directory will be /home/username/domain/
    (where username is the username you log into ftp with)
    (where domain is the full domain name of the site in question, e.g. example.com)

so… for example… /home/lemmy/example.com/


so basically if i put the executable file called ventstatus.exe in http://premierstudio.xenolink.net/vent/status/

the way to execute that file in a php app path cmd would be

what does the /home/ stand for ? or is it always going to be home


what does the /home/ stand for ? or is it always going to be home

On most Unix systems, “/home” is the directory on the filesystem that stores user home directories. Home directories have the same name as the user they belong to, so a user named bob has a home directory of /home/bob. If you are Bob, the filesystem path to anything of yours will always begin with “/home/bob”.

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exe files are not excuitable in a linux enviroment. exe is a windows thing.