I need a mentor

I need a LOT of help. I’m basically begging for an e-buddy here who won’t mind me frequently pestering them on AIM or ICQ.

I’m sorry to burden the community, but when I was last on the development side of a website Kurt Cobain was still alive. Not really but you get the idea.

I’m drowning in FAQs and to be brutally honest the Wiki is fairly useless to complete beginners right now. In a couple of weeks or months I’ll put together something really basic for people like myself who are coming from hosting where wizards do everything for you.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that it isn’t me and the one-click for WordPress isn’t working, since I’ve not received the email it says is coming, but I think it’s more likely I’m even failing at that.

Thanks, and sorry.

Cyllenian on AIM or
269684703 on ICQ

It looks like hostnames aren’t being created tonight?
No matter what I do, Net2FTP tells me “Invalid Login.”


There is nothing wrong with needing a lot of help. We were all there once ourselves. The main problem for me, and I suspect others with your request, is that AIM, ICQ, and other “one to one” type support sessions result, at best, in one person being helped by the investment of my time.

On a forum, the number of people that benefit from the efforts of those who try to provide help and answer questions is much greater, and that allows others to join in the process and help others themselves as they learn.

I do “one to one” help with my clients, but I restrict my “pro bono” help to “one to many” mechanisms in communities that I care about, such as this forum. You won’t “burden the community” as long as you try to “Ask Questions The Smart Way”, and others in the forum can benefit from “lurking” ion the thread in addition to more knowledgable users making their own contribution.

You should also not forget that “google is your friend”, especially if the FAQs and/or wiki seem difficult to grasp; there a lot of simpler beginner tutorials and articles “out there”. Many FAQs, and many wiki articles, by definition provide detailed technical information that can be confusing or presume you have a certain understanding of one concept or another. This is okay, as that is what they are for.

There is a different kind of common “help” docdument generally referred to as a “How To” that may be more usable while you are learning - once you outgrow the “How TO”, you will find FAQs and many wiki articles to be much more useful.

That said, I am ,and I’m sure others here are, willing to help you on the forums when you have a problem.

As for your WordPress “oneclick” situation, there are several things that could acount for you not having yet received the “set-up” email you are expecting:

  1. It has not happened yet - sometimes the “in a few minutes” that the installer mentions is, at best, optimistic. The instller has to create a data base, and sometimes a host, and propagation may be involved - in short, I have had it happen almost instantaneously and I have had had it take hours, depending on circusmstance at DH. Be Patient.

  2. If you already had files in the directory where you told the installer to place the WordPress install, the install will fail - I;ve had “mixed” results with the way that is handled by the various one-click installers, and I know that on occasion, I received no notice of the failure. If you want to see if the files were installed, navigate to that directory via ftp and see if “new stuff” is in there.

  3. You can always try again - the installer “oneclick” panel will let you knwo if it htinks it alredy has installed it.


You will soon learn things quickly.
I was much the same as you six months ago.
Unfortunately I am still the same.

Still look on the bright side. MySQL server bill:fawn just died (or I killed it!) so the various systems may be playing up a bit.

Go and walk the dog and come back later. That is my policy. If you have not got a dog at least you will get fit. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

Rather verbal “no” innit?

I posted this thread after twelve hours of negotiating with the control panel. You brought up efficiency in communication, which is why I mentioned I’d write a consolidated ultra-beginner’s guide from whatever help I was lent.

At any rate, in the past hour posts are popping up indicating it was just my newness that had me thinking I was doing something wrong, when in reality all the features I was trying to use were in a bad mood at the same time. So I’m trying not to be irritated at the “google is your friend” tone of your response, because only a human could have told me (with the certainty that I wasn’t misinterpreting something, since we all know you can think you’re following the manual and still be wrong) that, say, Net2FTP wasn’t working, or that hostnames weren’t currently being generated, or that new logins sometimes take hours and hours to work. I don’t regret having asked if somebody was online, since I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by doing it a long, long time ago.

I suppoose so (actually “verbose” is more appropriate, nothing “verbal” in a typed message)… I was trying to do it “gently” by explaining why it is unlikely you will find much useful help via AIM/ICQ, which in this case turned out to be wasted effort.

You asked no question. You implied you were struggling with FAQs and the Wiki. I tried to point you to to other resources you might find more useful. … wasted effort.

Wihout giving any specific details, you intimated you were having trouble with the WordPress “oneclick” and were not sure if you had done it correctly, as you had not received the confirming email. I tried to explain some of the reasons you might not have received the mail, described a way you could check the installation status yourself, and told you it would not hurt anything to “try again”… wasted effort.

You know, I think you are right! “No” would have saved me time, and you would have reacted the same way.

While you are taking inventory of the “things you need”, you might consider trying to locate some social skills in addition to a mentor.

moving on…


Flamewars ahoy!

I was just looking for someone who’s been around here awhile to say “oh, don’t bother with [that]” or “skip the wiki, there’s this thing over here.”

You were condescending from the start and I don’t really know why. While I laud the excellent quality of your burns, I question your choice of target. There are plenty of pointlessly derisive threads floating around. Why don’t you go pick on them? I’s juss tryin to get by.

No flame war intended, my friend, and I sincerely apologize if my initial reply to you sounded condescending - it was not my intention to do that. I was genuinely trying to offer you some help (though not via AIM/ICQ)

We are all “just trying to get by”…

rlparker gave you an excellent reply, and I don’t think he was attacking you in any manner, and he certinly did not start any flaming. I agree with Mr. Parker in saying that you’re best off posting in this forum instead of looking for a buddy you can harass. Most of us also contribute to the wiki among other resources that you can find through google. So don’t skip the wiki, there’s tons of great information there that we’ve all written.

My sigguestion is that you lighten up, and ask smart questions - you’ll be very likely to get smart answers. By posting in the forum you’ll get the help of many members with different view points. If you’re desperate for real time contact why not check out chat.dreamhost.com and see if anybody there can help.

art.googlies.net - personal website

Sorry for the retort, in that case. (I counter-apologize with incredible sincerity! Take that!) :slight_smile: Your response was so gregarious, it struck me as sarcastic. Sorry again. Twelve hours of futile fiddling with an unfamiliar interface (just to find out everything you were messing with was actually broken) makes the world look all prickly.


“lighten up”

Light as a kite. The chat is just the kind of thing I was hoping someone would tell me about. I wouldn’t say I’m “desperate” for live, though. I just thought it’d be easier.

I didn’t mean to dis on the wiki earlier. It’s just way advanced for somebody coming from nothing but wizards and I was surprised there’s not much intermediary stuff. The how-to chapter is empty.

Things are coming along nicely now, though.

lol its cool the way u used kurt cobain as a point in time.
try meetup.com or something a search for a girl who is into computers or something, that way u get an ebuddy plus a real life buddy :wink:

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I agree with the sentiments expressed by others in this thread, that these forums can be a very good source of help, a better one overall than a one to one IM session.

The forum does lack the immediacy of IM, but sometimes this can be an advantage. I know that when I attempt to answer a particulary tricky question on a forum, I will frequently think about the issue for a while, maybe try a few possible solutions on my own sites, then post a reply that I am fairly sure will help the original poster.

The forums also benefit from the input of a wide range of people. Many problems have more than one solution, and the first one offered may not be the simplest and best for your particular circumstances.

Anyway, I am not saying that your idea of an ‘e-buddy’ is a bad one, just that I think the forum is the better solution, it really is a great resource.


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Another nice thing about the forum, besides receiving multiple points of view (one person might suggest you are doing something incorrectly while another might have just tried the same thing and found out the service was down), is that many of us can use the discussion board from work :wink:

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.